Applications of W-IT (Weiman - Iterated Transformations) Program:


*   Generalized symmetry
*   3D structure: spirals, rings, helices, enclosures
*   Sculpture
*   Kinetic art
*   Choreography


*  DNA double helix, and other polymers
*   Protein folding, alpha, beta, gamma structures
*   Molecular cages like chlorophyll and hemoglobin
*   Molecular machines for enzyme dynamics and conveyance
*   Locomotion and transport mechanisms for cilia and cytoskeleton
*   Development of snail shells
*   Microtubules
*    Muscular control of tentacles, tails, trunks 


*   Log spirals, clothoids, helices
*   Fractals and chaos, Arnoldt tongues
*   Differential geometry of curves
* Number theory, prime numbers, approximation theory
*   Periodic functions, topology, Fourier series
*   Pi, E, matrices, geometry, tensors, mappings


*   String theory
*   Subatomic particles, quantum theory
*   Resonance in periodic systems in general
*   Gaps in the rings of Saturn (see above)
*   Non-linear oscillators

Robotics and Engineering:

*  Resonance, Harmonic Functions
*   Simple control of tentacles, trunks and 100+ joint systems
*    Phase locked loops
*    Lyapunov exponents, non-linear oscillators

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